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Selling and Servicing Yamaha Golf Carts in Vero Beach

Want to switch to Yamaha? We don’t blame you. More than 2326 courses have swapped to Yamaha during those past eight years!

Visit Total Golf Cart Vero Beach and discover the wide range of golf carts we offer.

Yamaha: Innovating for the Golfers’ Sake

At Total Golf Cart, we have chosen to work with Yamaha because their business revolves around golfers. Keeping in mind the modern golfer, they innovate using bold colors, new body lines, and revolutionary body styling.

Not only are Yamaha’s golf carts more luxurious, they are also highly affordable. Visit our store to have a look for yourself!

Innovate using bold colors, new body lines, and revolutionary body styling

Yamaha Golf Cart Selling & Service Vero Beach

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Where Performance Matters

The team at Total Golf Cart always strives to offer comprehensive services to clients. To do that, on top of selling state-of-the-art golf carts, we also offer golf cart repairs and maintenance.

Whether you have an issue with the ignition or the direction switch, we are more than qualified to resolve the problem. We also carry OEM parts.

We offer comprehensive services to clients

Yamaha Golf Cart Selling & Service Port St. Lucie

What Makes Us Unique

Usage of OEM parts only
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