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Golf Cart Repair and Service in Vero Beach

Golf cart repair is daunting as it is technical and requires high-level of expertise.

Let our factory trained techs solve your problem!

Instead of wasting your time and money on unnecessary parts, bring your cart to Total Golf Cart!

Highly-Trained Team

The team at Total Golf Cart is trained in the repair of electric, gasoline and electric-powered golf carts. Whether you are the proud owner of a new golf cart or a resort that has its own people mover, we carry a comprehensive inventory of parts, such as club protectors and gears.

We also provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Battery testing
  • Transmission rebuild and repair
  • Brake maintenance and repair
  • Golf cart charger repair

We carry a comprehensive inventory of parts

Golf Cart Repair & Service Palm Bay

Prolong the life of your golf cart!

Original Equipment Manufacturer

At Total Golf Cart, we only use parts which have been made exclusively by Original Equipment Manufacturer, also known as OEM.

It is not difficult to see why OEM parts are better than aftermarket parts. Since these parts have been made by the manufacturer and not by a third party, they fit perfectly in any make or model.

Parts that fit perfectly to your cart

Golf Cart Repair & Service Vero Beach

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